The Beaches of Argentina

Mar del Plata beach

Argentina's beaches are found all down the eastern side of the country, along the beautiful Atlantic coast. There is a wide range of beaches, from highly urbanised, 24 hour party resorts, to chic boutique spa retreats and wild, undeveloped stretches of coastline. Whilst at first glance it may seem a bit of a challenge to get away from the masses of holiday makers, if you persevere, you will find that Argentina's beaches have something for everyone. Your Argentine beach experience may also depend massively on the season and weather - summer tends to be incredibly busy, January in particular, whereas in winter you may be the only one on the beach. To get the best from Argentina's beaches and be prepared for what to expect, follow our Argentina beach guide.

Mar del Plata - Probably the first name you will hear when talking of Argentine beaches, Mar del Plata is the country's oldest beach resort, built in 1874. Surrounded by rolling hills and with some 17km of coastline, this is a great place to stop off. However, the summer months a chockablock with Argentines taking advantage of the sun and it can be difficult to find an empty space on the beach. If you're looking for sun by day and clubs by night, this is definitely the best option for you, but it is not by any means a peaceful place. The resorts are heavily urbanised meaning there is plenty of choice for accommodation, restaurants and nightlife. The winter months are a lot less busy. There are lots of different beaches in the resort, the trendiest with the best restaurants, shopping and people is Playa Grande. We recommend you head to Playa Punta Mogotes for a more chilled out beach experience.

Pinamar - Designer restaurants, boutique hotels, luxury spas and a beautiful beach is what you will find at Pinamar. This is a popular place with rich Argentines and tourists and a wonderful place to detach from the stresses of the world and be pampered - if you've got the money, that is. The evenings are relaxed here making it a better choice than Mar del Plata if you're looking for relaxation or are travelling with children. Whilst this is certainly not a budget option, its popularity has led to careful urbanisation in order to preserve the attractiveness of the town and coastline.

Cariló - Even more voguish than Pinamar, a truly beautiful beach destination like this, with gorgeous cabins hidden away amongst the foliage and a beautifully maintained beach comes at a price and you will be rubbing shoulders with the Argentine elite at this stunning spot.

necochea beach

Necochea - An enormous 74km long stretch of beautiful sandy beaches makes Necochea a great option. The general atmosphere is less 'exclusive' than those previously mentioned resorts so is better for budget travellers or those in search of something more laid back. The central area is modern and urbanised with all the commodities and a wide selection of accommodation but if you head west you will find some undeveloped spots that often get left of the tourist trail. The area is dramatically surrounded by sand dunes which are fun to explore.

Miramar - A lot quieter and down to earth this pretty town is a popular cycling destination. It makes a good choice for families as is well facilitated, calm, attractive and safe.

Villa Gesell - Whilst this tree filled beach destination has been hit by modernisation, it has succesfully retained a small town feel and many people are drawn in by the unshowy, warm and relaxed feel to the place. Good for young travellers as there is good nightlife and affordable accommodation and restaurants. Mar de las Pampas and Mar Azul are nearby spots which are beautifully quiet and untouched by human hands.

Pehuén Có - This is the spot for a truly natural beach experience where you are unlikely to come across tourists, buildings or anything other than sandy coastline. Located 84 km east of the important port of Bahía Blanca, this part of the Argentine coast is ideal for adventure travellers who are looking for beach and nothing else. Accommodation is sparse as are facilities so come prepared.