Safety and Emergencies in Argentina

Argentina ambulance

Your safety in Argentina is definitely something worth considering before you travel to Argentina. Whilst it is one of Latin America's safest destinations, it is always worth keeping your wits about you as you explore this beautiful country to avoid any unwanted attention or nasty occurences.

In general, safety in Argentina can be ensured by staying in a group as much as possible, not taking out large sums of money from public cash points and ensuring the valuables are not left on view.

If you are catching a taxi it is always worth checking an estimated price for your journey in a hotel or at a tourist office as taxi drivers often up their prices on seeing a dithering foreigner waving a map about.

Buenos Aires city and Argentina's other Key Cities are generally considered as safe places, however, as in any urban metropolis pickpocketing occurs if you're not alert. A common trick in Argentina is for the robber to spray something on you and whilst kindly offering to clean it, makes off with the contents of your bag. Take heed of the following Argentina safety tips to avoid any trouble:

Argentina Safety Measures:

Water: It is recommended that you avoid tap water, especially if you are on a short trip. Buy bottled water for drinking and brushing your teeth and always request drinks without ice ('sin hielo'). If you are in Argentina for an extended period then after the first couple of months you could begin to add tap water into your diet if yo so wish, but do so slowly so as to avoid any tummy upsets.

Packing: In Argentina you are likely to experience extrememly diverse weather conditions so make sure you pack accordingly! If you are going during the summer months (December to March) then be sure to take plenty of suncream and cover up in the midday sun. Travelling south to Patagonia requires warm clothing with good insulation all year round and some good quality walking boots may well come in handy. You can find most things in the shops in Buenos Aires, however, we recommend you bring as much as possible from home to ensure the best quality.

Driving in Argentina

A money-belt can be an invaluable purchase. Wear it next to your skin under your clothes and keep your valuables in it at all times. It is advisable to carry your passport with you at all times in your money-belt, but keep a photocopy of all important documents in a safe place (and not on your person).

Hiking: Even if you are an experienced hiker, always plan your route thoroughly before setting off and check with a ranger or a local to make sure that there are no changes to footpaths. It is a good idea to keep an eye on the weather forecast before you set off to ensure you don't hike into dangerous conditions.

Driving: Pre-plan your route and check for roadworks before you set off. It is advisable to avoid driving at night and to ensure you do not leave any valuables in the car.

Argentina Emergency Contact Details

Keep a copy of these important emergency numbers when you travel Argentina:
  • Tourist Police: 43465748
  • Fire Service: 100 (in Buenos Aires) 4304 2222/ 4381 2222 (all other locations)
  • Medical Emergencies: 107 (in Buenos Aires) 4923 1051/ 4923 1052/ 4923 1053 (all other locations)
  • Lost or Stolen Credit Cards:
    • American Express: 4312 1661
    • Diners Club: 0 810 444 2484
    • Mastercard: 4348 7000
    • Visa: 4379 3400