Argentina Shopping Guide

souvenir streetshop in Argentina

Argentina shopping is a wonderful representation of the country's diversity and different cultural influences. One minute you can be perusing glamorous designer boutiques and the next searching for a bargain in one of Argentina's colourful markets. Our Argentina shopping guide is here to make sure you look in right places and find what you're looking for!

Traditional Souvenirs

Argentina is a great place to pick up little crafts made from local materials that serve as great reminders of your trip. Edible goods also make great pressies and whilst we wouldn't reccommend you take an Argentine steak back home (tempting as it may be) there are several delicacies that do travel well and that your friends and family would definitely thank you for!

Mate - this traditional tea is an important part of Argentine culture and a great souvenir. You can buy whole Mate sets that come with the typical cup and metal straw and which would make a perfect gift or keepsake. Check out local markets to get the best price!

Wine - An obvious but oh-so wise choice, who wouldn't thank you for a bottle of exquisite Argentine wine? One of the best places to pick some up is on a bodega tour where you often get to try before you buy.

Dulce de Leche - The most popular sweet in Argentina can be found in all kinds of goodies. Alfajores, chocolates and biscuits frequently come silled with this sugary delight that is unique to this part of the world and makes a yummy present.

Silverware - The best place to pick up some Argentine silverware is from San Antonio de Areco, in the Las Pampas Region.

Antiques - Definitely head to San Telmo in Buenos Aires and explore the plethora of antique shops.

streetshop in Argentina

Arts and Crafts - From trinkets to paintings, sculpture to jewellery you will find stalls all over the country but some of the best places to pick up good quality handicrafts are the following places:

  • El Bolsón, Argentina Lake District. Art and Crafts Fair which attracts several hundred artisans selling a variety of souvenirs. The fair takes place several times a week so be sure not to miss it!

  • Tigre, Las Pampas and Corrientes, El Litoral, These attractive towns are two of the best places to pick up a bargain from one of the numerous souvenir shops and stalls.
  • Salta. Diverse Arts and Crafts Fair takes place every weekend.
  • San Telmo Market, Buenos Aires. Every Sunday in Plaza Dorrego, this big market is a famous place to barter for a bargain.
  • La Boca, Buenos Aires. Fería Artesenal La Boca takes place daily thursday to Sunday and amongst other bits and bobs, is full of Tango paraphernalia.
  • Mataderos, Buenos Aires. La Fería de Mataderos is also held on Sundays and is a tribute to Argentina's gaucho culture. There is plenty of food, drink and dancing, as well as lots of little arts and crafts stalls.
  • Barrio Guemes, Córdoba. This area is packed with quirky little arts and antiques shops that are enjoyable to browse around if you're not up for tackling the crowds and the hagglers in a market.

Upmarket Shopping

If you're looking for trendy boutiques and designer name tags then the northern part of sleek Buenos Aires is the place to go. It has everything in the way of international designers from Louis Vuitton to Gucci.. happy shopping!

  • La Calle Florida - This is the most famous street for shopping in Buenos Aires. It's always busy with a mixture of the Argentine elite and tourists ready to flash their cash.
  • Avenida Alvear - Another hotspot for glitzy boutiques.
  • Patio Bullrich, Avenida Libertador ( - A beautifully designed shopping centre where you can mooch from one stylish shop to another in stunning surroundings.