Argentina is a fascinating country packed with natural wonders and unique cities. We want our students to see and experience as much as they can during their time with us. The study abroad experience goes far beyond what happens in the classroom!

Argentina School Activities

Argentina fishing

Due to Argentina's vast cultural and geographical diversity, we have many types of activites. Culture-themed activities may include museum visits, film viewings, tango classes or special lectures and discussions. Adventure-themed activities can range from fishing trips to horseback riding and everything in between. There are also several activities that are social-based, such as group barbecues, bar nights, etc.

Argentina School Excursions

For an additional fee, you can sign up for exciting weekend excursions to Argentina's unique cities, ski slopes, indigenous towns, national parks and more. Examples may include the Mendoza region's wineries, indigenous towns like Jujuy and Salta, the Iguazú Falls, Patagonia...