Argentine Drink

With all that great Argentine food to choose from you'll need to find a suitable drink to go with your meal and in Argentina there is certainly no shortage in choice!

Argentian wineWine

Many people think Argentina and think wine, especially that of Mendoza. As the fith largest vintner in the world, during the last decade Argentina has increased hugely its wine exports and today it is world renowned for the high quality of its produce. If you travel down the west side of the country you will stumble upon region after region of beautiful wineries and vineyards fit to tickle the fancy of even the most experienced wine connoisseur.

The Spanish were responsible for creating this thriving industry when in 1557 they brought the first vine cuttings to the northwestern province of Santiago del Estero. Mendoza has a long history of wine production and contains over fifteen independent wineries, producing over 70% of Argentina's wine. Cafayate in the region of Salta should also be at the top of any win-o's to do list.

Other Drinks

Whiskey and Gin are very popular alcoholic tipples in Argentina, in addition to Quilmes, the national beer. You may also come aross a sangría-like concoction called Clericó which mixes fruit in soda water and wine.

You will undoubtedly come across Mate; a fresh leaf infusion made by putting the leaves straight into hot water and drunk through a metal straw. Drinking Yerba Mate was originally a native Guraní custom in the region of Río de la Plata and today Argentines are constantly drinking it, offering it and brewing more! Coffee is also very popular and tends to be served short and strong so be prepared! Fruit juices and milkshakes are also widely available and very popular.