Juan Perón and Evita

Argentina Juan Peron grave

The famous rule of Juan Perón began in 1946, three years after the military had got rid of the constitutional government. For 11 years Perón worked to give rights to the working classes, whilst his wife, Eva Perón, worked alongside him as the first lady of Argentina until her death in 1952. Evita is famous for having given a voice to women, who were given the vote in 1947.

Perón was sent into exile in 1955 as a result of the military coup led by nationalist Eduardo Lonardi. Despite his loss of power, Perón had gained the respect and support of many Argentines and the years which followed were characterised by bloody and violent clashes between Peronist and Anti-Peronist forces.

In 1958 radical Arturo Frondizi was elected, however, after four years the military took control again and banned the election of Peronist or communist parties. Argentina remained like this for an entire decade when finally the public were given the chance to vote again in 1973. Their choice was Peronist Héctor Cámpora, although he resigned shortly afterwards when Perón returned from exile. Despite being voted back into power, Perón's return was by no means a calm one, but instead was blackened by the violent Ezeiza massacre in which over 300 people got hurt. Perón remained in power for one year until his death when his new wife, Isabel Perón, took over. She was ousted by a military coup only two years later.

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