Lihue Calel National Park, Argentina

Parque Nacional Lihué Calel

Parque Nacional Lihué Calel (Las Pampas, Argentina)

This park is quite difficult to get to and therefore not over touristed - if you do go, your efforts will most definitely be rewarded.

Lihué Calel covers 100 square km of stunning Pampas landcape amidst sparkling rivers and far reaching plains and plateaus. The climate is quite unpredictable which often gives rise to unexpected storms, making the scenery even more spectacular looking.

The one main trail in the park reaches 589m above sea level and the ascent is gradual and not too testing. Whilst none of the peaks in the park are very high, the desert-like flatness characteristic of the pampas makes quite an extraordinary picture.

Archeologists and ethnologists will be delighted to explore the valley de las Pinturas and the valley Namuncurá, which contain some interesting petroglyphs dating back over 2000 years.

The park is also a good place for animal lovers as it is home to several rare species including pumas, guanacos and an unusual type of chinchilla - the vizcacha.